Our strength in procurement, based on a network of over 400 suppliers and processors, enables us to make proposals from a wide range of materials to meet the customer's needs. We offer the quick delivery times and high quality you would expect of a trading company with in-house inventory and processing capabilities. We also offer cost performance, by expanding the role of a trading house to include those of distributor, processor and retailer. Supported by our strength in proposal-based business, Oda Koki Co., Ltd., a peer of first-tier trading houses like Nippon Metal Industry Co., Ltd., Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd. and Hitachi Metals MMC Superalloy Corporation, has over 80 years established a sound supply management system in stainless steel, titanium and high alloy products. We have served more than 1,000 manufacturers and other enterprises.
At our Toyonaka plants, we use an impressive lineup of cutting equipment and keep available at all times a wide range of inventory. Using just-in-time methods, we can quickly supply anything from palm-size parts to bulk items of several hundred tons, with a high degree of precision and quality. We can also handle integrated product processing from design, through procurement, machining and assembly. Through materials marketing operations based on stainless steel and metal products, we aim to support the Japanese gart of manufacturing (monozukuri)h and contribute to society. We see this as our mission.