Our plants

Our five plants in Toyonaka operate shearing, sawing, laser and other cutting equipment, depending on material and application. They usually hold an ample supply of over 5,000 tons of inventory in stock. By shortening lead times through integration of inventory and processing facilities, we are able to meet customer needs on a just-in-time basis, from mass-production of general-purpose products to multiple-category processed products in small lots.

Customers can optimize their processing by choosing among five shearing systems for the needed thickness (up to 25mm) and size of stainless steel, titanium and high alloy product. We offer highly accurate sizing and cut surfaces.

< Main products > Stainless steel, titanium and high-alloy sheared products

The plant has four band-saw machines, specializing in stainless steel/high alloy and titanium products, enabling fast, high-precision processing tailored to material.

< Main products > Round bars, pipes, mold steel

This plant offers one-stop order processing, with no need for secondary or tertiary processing. This greatly shortens work schedules and reduces costs.


Plate and large material processing

A partnership with Towa Koki Co., Ltd., which specializes in plasma-cutting, enables us to meet a wide range of large material and other needs. The plasma-cutting plant is close to our Toyonaka plants, enabling rapid deliveries.


Laser-cutting equipment

Our systems enable cutting to a thickness of 16mm (stainless steel). As this is non-contact processing, complex precision-cutting is possible without deterioration of contact parts or pressure deformation, even with thin-walled components.

< Main products > Stainless steel, titanium and high-alloy laser- and plasma-cut products

This facility offers storage of various kinds of material inventory, from large steel plate (1,524 ~ 4,000mm) to architectural and residential construction products.

< Main products > Stainless steel, titanium and high-alloy sheared products

In an area equal to approximately four-and-a-half tennis courts, we keep inventory stock for a wide range stainless steel product types available at all times.

< Main products > Stainless steel, titanium and high-alloy sheared products

MMC Superalloy inventory centerAll of MMC Superalloyfs high alloys are held in inventory by Oda Koki on behalf of the company.
We can also take orders for cutting at this facility.